Mahi Toi-Artworks

Mahi Toi Art Works

Somewhere down the road, walking in the darkness, I concluded that all art originates in the heart of its creator.

Somewhere down the road, in the night, I decided that all authentic art is the concrete expression of the soul of its maker. Anything else is Illustration. That gave me hope and strength. When I realised that my mahi (work) was the ongoing expression of who I was/am, it gave me direction.

You see, what is here is not how you see the world. My art work is how I see the world. It is the outward expression of my inner journey, which what I have to offer you, e te whānau, my family.

Engari (therefore), I offer them to you as an expression of who I am and what I  see.

If the work speaks to you, then you may wish to join my hikoi wairua (soul journey) and keep one of the marker posts.