Autumn’s Frown

Docks in Autumn, Te Anau

Autumn’s Frown

As I wandered visually around my back lawn, a garden only in name only, eventually my gaze fell upon my attempts at a raised garden bed. The mint and docks had conspired to overwhelm and evict anything vaguely edible, so they could have free access to any nutrients present.

I was OK with that, for they were teaching me; about life, the importance of the lowliest plants, and their participation in the Cycle of Life, in the circuit of the seasons. The interconnectedness of all living things.

Perhaps it was because of my innate empathy with homoeopathy and a shared walk with a friend who is a very gifted homoeopath.

Some of the most potent remedies are the most humble.

And they all have a tale to tell.

Summer has passed its use-by date

sliding glumly away over the edge of the earth to the north,

as Autumn casts its  clammy cloak across the cooling earth,

with tentative, tentacled mists creeping slyly in the dawn

and the false promise translucence of sun-stretched pizzadough skies.

Proudly alone and left to  a task of their particular devising,

the ignored and forgotten docks have been rising in a roaring ruddy revolution,

plucking threads of sun and life from the  breathless weave of the sun-stoked air,

drawing them down to fashion

a tightly-packed warp and weft of cyclic completion.

Rich. rusted seedheads knitted onto slender stalks

stand stiffly to attention,

in expectant anticipation

for the sharp-edged wind-generals of winter

to order  them loose and away,

to conquer foreign  overseed lands.

Now the purple frown of Autumn’s crown

has engraved itself  in withered warpaint

onto the drying and furling surfaces,

the crenellated crinoline edges

of dejected, defeated leaves

faded beyond redemption.

 Tony Bridge

March 13, 2021


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