Artichoke, Te Anau


(A Hymn to my mother, the Earth)



At the turn of the seasons when

Summer is tipping tenderly over into the arms of Autumn

And the air is awash with liquid, lustrous light,


goldglitter dreamspecks of divined, dancing dust hang,

joyous and suspended in the thrumming, threaded air

I will plant the soles of my feet

deep into the forest floor of my mother’s belly,

sense its gentle rise and fall

and feel down,down, down

to the soft, purple heart-river  pulse

of her winding womb beneath.

I will kneel naked and alone,

clothed only in sunshine and joy,

in a meandering, rambling meadow of wildflowers,

 of blue-grey daisies with petals outstretched,

suspended on impossible stalks of shimmering, see-through green.

of bright-cheeked, crimson poppies

embarrassed by their own wonder,

and sunflowers turning their faces to follow the yellow arc of the sun.

I will watch

bejewelled butterflies carve glittering trails in the air

and honeyed, hovering bees drink from beckoning, pouting pollenwells,

while tiny beetles in lacquered rainbow armour scuttle busily across my feet,

and sinuous, sectioned worms intertwine

 in lazy, writhing spirals beneath the crumbled earth.

I will listen

to the perfectly-pitched summer hum

of violin-strung insects,

and the abrupt ejaculations of exploding seed pods casting their future far and wide,

and  I will know

my mother’s abode abides.

 Tony Bridge

March 25, 2021


If you have enjoyed this post and it resonated with you, you might consider owning a piece of my work and having it on the walls of your home. In doing so, you are contributing to my journey and my determination to bring beauty and light into the world. You are making it possible for me to continue doing what I love doing and believe I am meant to do. You also become a part of the journey. You are walking with me and all of us following this path. It is really simple. Just go here and follow the markers. Ngaa mihi nunui ki a a koe. A big shout-out to you.

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