Let me know

Docks in Autumn, Te Anau

Let me Know

My journey with the weeds in my garden continued. Eventually, the trail led me to a collection of docks that had conquered my faint attempts at a raised garden bed. Well-nourished and muscular, they were now doing what all plants do. Bearing fruit, spreading their seed. And sporting the warmth of Autumn in its bright livery.

It got me thinking about the nature and purpose of a human life. We spend so much of our energy gathering up stuff.

Deep down each of us knows that we can take none of it with us; that the only fruits we can ever gather are the fruits of the soul.

Perhaps the purpose of Life is experience.

Trust the humble dock to have the inside track on this.

Let me experience all that is
As I have known Death
So let me know Life
As I have known heartbreak
So let me know Love
As I have known poverty
So let me know Wealth
As I have known loneliness
So let me know Companionship
As I have known lack
So let me know Abundance
As I have known illness
Let me know Health
As I have known despair
So let me know Hope
As I have known pain
So let me know Joy
As I have known fear
So let me know Peace
Let me experience all that is.

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