Mihi mutunga

Harakeke, Mirror Lakes, Fiordland National Park

Mihi Mutunga Kore

The Voice slid me from my slumber and into the grip of my pen.

Write this down!

It is a mihi (acknowledgement) of all that is, and our place in it.

Our place as part of it.

And it of us.

Mihi Mutunga Kore

Teenei au ka mihi ki te

Ao Kaakaariki

Ao Kahurangi

Ao Whero

Ao Koowhai

Ao Maa

Ao Pango

Ao Aniwaniwa

Ao Kohatu

Ao Rakau

Ao Wai

Ao Haa

Ko te iti, ko te nui

ki te Ao kei runga, kei raro, kei mua, kei muri, kei waenganui e

Ki te Ao kei te tama waahine,kei te tama taane, kei te tai tokerau, kei te tai tonga

He mihi mutunga kore

Tihei mauri ora.

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