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Journey beyond the horizon

The greatest journey is the journey within

~Rainer Maria Rilke

~ Rainer Rilke

About Me

All Life is a rich, wondrous tapestry of interwoven songlines.

All of us are creations.

All of us are creative.

All of us are creators.

In living our lives, we join in the universal song of Life. Our lives are living artworks which are never completed.

He kaikaranga ahau, a weaver of words and pictures.

I use these to portray the invisible essence which binds us, for it is that which fascinates and entrances me. The passage of the moon across a sky of woven clouds draws me; the soft shimmer of light on water, and the sudden call of a bird high in the treetops are treasures for the heart and soul. The slow green sigh of moss on a forest floor or the spaces between raindrops call me to explore, integrate and then celebrate.

In words and pictures.

Latest Writings

  • Around the Spiral (again)
    Around the Spiral(again) Around the Spiral(again) A story of three images..and a journey   Have you ever seen a photograph by one of the masters which gripped you from the moment you clapped eyes upon it, so powerful in fact that it shaped and directed your journey for decades? You fell in love with it…
  • Devotional
    Devotional (A Hymn to my mother, the Earth)   And At the turn of the seasons when Summer is tipping tenderly over into the arms of Autumn And the air is awash with liquid, lustrous light, when goldglitter dreamspecks of divined, dancing dust hang, joyous and suspended in the thrumming, threaded air I will plant…
  • Autumn’s Frown
    Autumn’s Frown As I wandered visually around my back lawn, a garden only in name only, eventually my gaze fell upon my attempts at a raised garden bed. The mint and docks had conspired to overwhelm and evict anything vaguely edible, so they could have free access to any nutrients present. I was OK with…
  • Let me know
    Let me Know My journey with the weeds in my garden continued. Eventually, the trail led me to a collection of docks that had conquered my faint attempts at a raised garden bed. Well-nourished and muscular, they were now doing what all plants do. Bearing fruit, spreading their seed. And sporting the warmth of Autumn…
  • Prayer of Weaving
    Mihi – The Prayer of Weaving My day often begins early, around 3 am, when the walls between the worlds are thin, and it is easier to walk in the World Between, to hear what is to be heard. One morning in 2020, during Level Four lockdown here in Aotearoa New Zealand, the Voice roused…